Dr. Jen Wathan

Mammal Vocal Communication and Cognition Group, University of Sussex


I am interested in cognition and communication in a range of species, and have a particular interest in the emotions of animals and improving animal welfare. EquiFACS was developed as part of my doctoral research, which focussed on social cogniton and communication in horses. I have previously worked as a full time groom and riding instructor, and have my BHS stage 3 care. I am also a Group Coach with the Riding for the Disabled Association.



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Prof. Karen McComb

Mammal Vocal Communication and Cognition Group, University of Sussex


My research has explored communication and cognitive abilities in a wide range of mammals including lions, elephants and horses. My current focus is on emotional awareness in horses and its relationship to social behaviour.



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Dr. Bridget Waller

Centre for Comparative and Evolutionary Psychology, University of Portsmouth


The overarching focus of my research is the evolution of social communication. I am particularly interested in human and non-human animal facial expression and emotion, and how these signals contribute to sociality and social bonding. I have been part of the development team for various FACS systems, including ChimpFACS, MaqFACS and OrangFACS.



Dr. Anne Burrows

Duquensne University and University of Pittsburgh


I am a biological anthropologist and my main interests are the evolutionary morphology of primate facial expression and primate feeding mechanisms. I have also worked on the functional and evolutionary morphology of primate sensory ecology.




Department of Psychology

University of Sussex